"The reason black feminists (overall) are less critical of marriage than white feminists is because black women use marriage to access rights and privileges that white women have automatically on account of whiteness. Like the ability to be viewed as a good woman/desirable. because if a white woman is unmarried it’s her personal choice but if a black woman is not married it must be because nobody wants her because she’s loud, assertive, domineering/other racist & sexist stereotypes. Like the ability to be a mother without getting looked down on every time you’re in public because being a single black mom = being a welfare queen/a leach to the system. Because being married helps you avoid vitriol if you have degrees/are professionally successful. because of the myth that successful black woman aren’t marriageable. But a successful unmarried white woman is on the top of her power feminist came ‘leaning in’ like Sheryl Sandberg. What’s sad is not that Bey named her tour “Mrs. Carter” but the possible motivations behind it (besides a genuine love and respect for her husband). But white feminists don’t get it."


Aaaand that’s a wrap. WOW. Excellence.

I don’t even know if I would say that Black feminists are less critical but are differently critical. Our criticisms come from a DIFFERENT history, world view, perspectives. Remember what Audre wrote about differences? 

I must say that I find amusement over the anger about Beyoncé’s tour being named “The Mrs. Carter Show.” People are angered that she didn’t use her “maiden” name. Look at that last phrase. “Maiden” name. Research that. Then, realize that her lineage, like most, is patrilineal. “Knowles” is her father’s last name. Even if she were from a single parent home and had her mother’s last name, “Beyincé,” that still comes from her mother’s father (Lumis Albert Beyincé). Her first name alludes to this same last name.

But names also become OURS. Women aren’t just empty boxes where our names do not matter. Parents give the original names. It’s still not the child doing the naming. The feminist policing and politics around names need a revision.  

White feminists want to use “feminist” and “human” interchangeably for Black women. This is not acceptable. To them, they have to “approve” a Black woman’s feminist praxis before they can view her as a full human being. Unacceptable. And in the case of marriage, if they were not so drunk on White supremacy, they would see the financial power, social capital and protection that they pretend to never desire are given to them as a birthright and set as a standard that Black women do not “deserve.” Hence Beyoncé’s eradication of their boxes and having what she wants (not even trying to meet White women’s “having it all” mantras) is so appalling to them that they scramble relentlessly to insult her and Black women in general. Notice that theism, Christianity, possible monogamy, marriage before parenthood, two parent home and economically sufficient—all “standard” markers used to claim “respectability” for White women—are ignored in Beyoncé’s case. Respectability politics go hand in hand with racism itself. They’re born out of White supremacy and double standards.

Mainstream feminism involves a lot of demanding Black women reject things that White women are entitled to and Black women need or never receive. Good damn bye with that!

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Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas

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A lot of people are asking what exactly Jared and Aisha said and I am literally too angry to want to retype it all but I just tweeted about it, so here:











And that’s basically the summary of it, there was more but I was a bit distracted by rage to catch all of what was said.

I am just so angry because it shows just such disrespect and misogyny and I can’t even describe how hurtful their comments were, as a female fan, as a woman and a person who values the stories and lives of women, to see such blatant disregard and scorn for the idea of female characters, especially after Jeremy Carver’s condescending remarks earlier, and I just…

I don’t like hating people. I really don’t.

But I really hate Jared Padalecki and Aisha Tyler right now.

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Team Rocket Hideout
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Macabre Gadgets F/W 2014!

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;w; Joshua look!

Jesus Christ, I want.

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It just occurred to me that the main reason that “coming out as an ally” shouldn’t be a thing is because if you’re actually an ally, people should already know. Being an ally means calling people on their homophobic, transphobic, and binarist shit. Being an ally means actually doing activism, generally where people can see you. If you’re so meek about it that the bigots in your life would be surprised about you not being one of them, then you might not actually be an ally.

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The Last Road
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person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



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